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 CLOSING Day: August 17, 2022 

Dear Blueberry Lovers,

We are officially closed for the season as of Wednesday, August 17, 2022. We had another wonderful blueberry season. For all those who were able to come and pick or purchase products from Norland Berries, we are very grateful, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. 


We continue to look for seasonal and fall help - are you interested in Pruning? Please call Jim Norris at 781-710-6111.


Norland Berries


GRAPES for sale!

21 BRIE (11% alcohol)

For more information, please call Jim at 781-710-6111.

 help wanted! 


Job: Pruning, Blueberry Bushes

Contact: Jim Norris

Date: Now-November, 2022

Phone: 781-710-6111

Ad posted: Thursday, August 25




$2.50/lb. for ages 60+


Pints: $3.50

10 lb. Frozen Box: $35.00

For Sale Now


frozen blueberries while supplies last

Norland Berries has 10 lb. boxes of frozen blueberries for sale (while supplies last). Please contact Jim Norris at 781-710-6111 to purchase.


21 Brie Grapes 11% Alcohol
Please contact Jim Norris at 781-710-6111 to purchase.

forms of payment
Cash or checks accepted. 
(We do not accept credit or debit cards at this time).

Farm Rules

Dogs are not allowed in the blueberry field. This is for the safety of all our patrons.

help wanted

commercial picking 

We are looking for help commercial picking. Please contact Jim Norris at 781-710-6111 for more information or to apply.



Closed for the season 8/17/22

seasonal pruning HELP NEEDEd! Fall 2022
please submit your references below
To inquire about seasonal pruning opportunities, please click here


WE HAD ANOTHER INCREDIBLE CROP of blueberries this year! The berries fell off the bushes - we hope you enjoyed your time at the farm. 


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or 603-776-2021



WE PICKED ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL CROP in the fall of 2021 and we are so excited to see what our next crop will look like this fall! 

in the news

Fox News

Norland Berries has been selected

for the 2019 Best of Center

Barnstead Awards in the category

of farm.

"After many years of research on blueberry antioxidants and their potential benefits for the nervous system and for brain health, there is exciting new evidence that blueberries can improve memory. In a study involving older adults (with an average age of 76 years), 12 weeks of daily blueberry consumption was enough to improve scores on two different tests of cognitive function including memory. While participants in the study consumed blueberries in the form of juice, three-quarters of a pound of blueberries were used to make each cup of juice. As participants consumed between 2 to 2-1/2 cups each day, the participants actually received a very plentiful amount of berries. The authors of this study were encouraged by the results and suggested that blueberries might turn out to be beneficial not only for improvement of memory, but for slowing down or postponing the onset of other cognitive problems frequently associated with aging."  <Read more>

What's new and beneficial about Blueberries

"Our family has been picking blueberries in this field since 1999. They are simply the best we've ever had! (And we live in a state known for its blueberries.). Keep up the great work!  Linda M., Facebook Member    <Read more>
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164 N. Barnstead Rd

Barnstead, NH 03225


Farm: (603) 776-2021

Cell: (781) 710-6111

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