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About Norland Berries



Pick Your Own Blueberries

Pre-packaged pints and flats

Frozen Blueberries

Jams and Jellies (SOLD OUT)

Grapes (during harvest season)



We purchased the farm from the Lockes in 2011 and fell in love with farming. Over the last decade, the manager, Jim Norris, has been working to improve the property, including adding an automated cleaning, sorting, and packaging area—updated irrigation, a large walk-in refrigerator unit, and 15 large freezers to store and keep the blueberries fresh.

The different blueberry varieties at Norland Berries are perfect for cooking/baking and creating refreshing smoothies, jams, and jellies or savoring in their fresh, natural state. The blueberry season typically kicks off around July 4th, extending through the second week of August. However, contacting the farm to confirm their opening dates is advisable due to potential weather-related delays. 


Six years ago, we undertook the ambitious endeavor of planting approximately 6,000 grape vines, encompassing red, white, and table grape varieties, with a vision of producing and selling locally crafted wine. The art of winemaking demands effort and patience, and while we are refining our craft, we are excited to keep our customers updated on our progress. As the harvesting season approaches in September, we provide the opportunity to purchase grapes by the pound, and we will be updating our website with further details closer to the season. 


We are anticipating your visit to the farm this summer, where you can enjoy the experience of handpicking fresh blueberries, purchasing pre-packaged pints or even entire flats, and sampling our assortment of delicious jams in various tasty flavors. 


Whatever your preferences, we are dedicated to offering you a wonderful experience at Norland Berries. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the farm or our manager, Jim Norris.

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